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Christian Rebecca Saalman, Otis' daughter, writes:


My mother joined the Army Nurses Corp after over a year of not knowing his [Otis'] fate. They were married on July 4, 1941 and Dad left for the Philippines shortly after. At first, the Army wouldn't accept her because she was married. So she had her marriage annuled and tried again. She was in Germany April 1, 1945 when she recieved the letter mailed in Manila in December shortly before he boarded the Oriku Maru. It was retreived from a mailbag floating in the ocean, no doubt from a "downed" freighter.

The Saalman Hollow preserve is 100 acres, 60 of which came from this farm and 40 of which was added later from an adjacent neighbor, Randall Pollard. He is also a distant cousin, now deceased.

The incident of Dad swimming to Corregidor is not true as you will see in this story. But many who escaped did swim. An incident he used to tell that I remember was about smuggling a chicken into camp by passing it overhead to the guy who was just checked while the much shorter guard was checking (frisking) the next prisoner. They had to hold their hands up while being checked. I was just a child then so perhaps Steve can remember it better.

I've enjoyed reading your site and really appreciate the time and effort you are giving it. I have been trying to piece together information to pass to my grandchild, and nieces and nephews. It would be noce if we all could get together for a reunion. My moms side has one every odd year in Branson, MO. Thanks so much for all your effort.


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