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Transcription of Christian Saalman's Land Deed

July 29, 1864


This indenture witnesseth that Joseph A. Lynch, and Mary Lynch his wife of Perry County, Indiana, Convey and Warrant unto Christian Saalmann of the County and State aforesaid, and his heirs and assigns for the Sum of ($175.00) one hundred and Seventy five dollars, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the Real Estate in Perry County, Indiana, described as follows to wit: the South East quarter of the South West quarter of Section twenty three in Township Four South of Range Two West estimated to contain forty acres more or less, with the appurtenances to hold the Same unto him and his heirs and assigns forever. Witness the hands and Seals of Said Joseph A. Lynch and Mary Lynch this 29th day of July, 1864.
[Signed] Joseph A. Lynch [seal image] [Signed] Mary [her mark: an 'X'] Lynch [seal image]

State of Indiana Perry County Sct

Before me a Justice of the Peace in and for Said County on this 29th day of July, 1864, came Joseph A. Lynch and Mary Lynch his wife and acknowledged the execution of the foregoing Deed.

Witness my hand and Seal. R.W. Reily J.P. [seal image]

Transferred for recordation October 18, 1864, John K. Thompson A.J.C.

I certify that the Deed of which the above and foregoing is a correct copy was duly stamped as provided by act of Congress and Received October 18th 1864 at 12 oclock A.M.

W. P. Drumb R.P.C.

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