The Esareys and Saalmans

John Esarey Descendents
JOHN ESAREY, of Penn. and Ky. moved to Perry Co. to what is now Oil Township across the Ohio River and settled on the head waters of Oil Creek near a spring - the area is known as Branchville.  b. July 5, 1744 d. Nov. 17, 1828 probably buried in the Livingston cemetery. Married Hester Clark b. Jan. 5, 1758 d. Oct. 16, 1818, on June 17, 1775.Children:
  1.  Sarah b. 1/9/1778 d. 1857 mar. Richard Willetts.
  2.  James b. 2/2/1780.
  3.  Jonathan Davis b. 9/29/1783 d. 1858 buried Walker cemetery.  First marriage to Sarah Wiley b. 7/7/1802 d. 11/11/1805.
  4. Second marriage to Sarah Shaver Jan. 12, 1809. Sarah was born 1/9/1778, d. 8/17/1843, buried Walker cemetery. Sarah was the daughter of Jacob and Nancy Allen Shaver. Nancy Allen was a cousin to Ethan Allen.  Third marriage. to Frances Hammack Jan. 7, 1844 b. 1797 d. Oct. 11, 1851.  Fourth marriage to Catherine Gaddis 8/25/1854.   Jonathan Davis, who was judge, trustee of county academy and secretary of the Baptist church, had 13 children:
    1. John Wiley,
    2. Benjamin,
    3. Matilda,
    4. Hiram Marcus Esarey (the elder, who married Dorothea Saalman),
    5. Reason,
    6. Jesse Clark,
    7. Felix Horton,
    8. Jonathan Davis, Jr.,
    9. Nancy Ann,
    10. Verona,
    11. Jacob
    12. Mary
  5. Elizabeth b. 9/13/1785 d. 1846 mar. Benjamin Shaver b. 5/1783 d. 7/1846 mar. on 7/28/1806.
  6. Abigail Esarey b. 1/22/1788 d. 1841 mar. Isaiah Horton 3/9/1805. Children: Elizabeth, Sarah Jane, James Esarey, Harriett S., William C., John, David L., Jesse, Martha Ann, Edward H. Andrew Jackson and Minerva.
  7. Hannah Esarey b. 4/14/1791 d. 11/9/1845 mar. 3/23/1812 Peter Shaver. Mar: 2nd Joseph Buchanan.
  8. Nancy Esarey b. 3/29/1794 d. 2/21/1852 mar. Arthur Forster b. 1801 d. 4/25/1875. Children: James, Leano, Hannah.
  9. Hester Esarey b. 11/14/1797 mar. Adam Cox 11/15/1823. 9. Jesse Esarey b. 9/13/1800 d. 2/10/1855 mar. 11/24/1882 Hannah Forster.
Hiram Marcus Esarey (the elder) Descendents
"Hiram Marcus Esarey was born April 10, 1813, being the third child in a family of twelve, all living to be grown, viz.: Benjamin M., Matilda (who married Wyatt Pearson), Hiram, Reason, Jesse C., Isaiah H., Felix, Jonathan D., Verona (who married Isaac Misner), Nancy A. (now Mrs. Benjamin Carmickle), Jacob, and Mary (who married Simeon Shirkcliff), born to Jonathan D. and Sarah (Shaver) Esarey, natives of Kentucky.

They came to Indiana about March, 1812, and settled in Oil Township, where they continued until their deaths. They were Baptists in religious faith and were among the first settlers and substantial farmers of Perry County. Our subject continued at home until his marriage. He acquired only a limited education.

He was married to Miss Sophia Walker October 10, 1834, and to this marriage nine children were born, viz.: William M., Eliza J. (now Mrs. John S. Frakes), Matilda (now Mrs. James S. Frakes), Mary A., (who married Greyson Frakes), Sarah (deceased), Elvira, Martha E., (who married Joseph Harp), Francis E., (deceased), and Nancy (now Mrs. Fillmore Horton). Mrs. Sophia Esarey was born January 28, 1810. Mr.

Esarey has retired, having farmed in Perry County forty-nine years. He now resides in Branchville where he owns property. He and wife were pioneer members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He is a Republican in politics and belongs to the Order of Masons. Mr. Esarey probably did what but few others have done, viz.: to make forty-nine continuous crops and make a full summer’s work in each.

The parents of our subject’s wife were Robert and Delilah (Phillips) Walker, who were married in Green County, Ky., and in about 1812 settled in Perry County, Ind. Robert Walker was the first man who died in Oil Township."

History of Warrick, Spencer and Perry Counties, Indiana - Oil Township, published by Goodspeed Bros. Co., 1885; as referenced in The complete history of the Esarey-Logan Esarey, his ancestors and descendants, second edition, by Myra Esarey Evans, published 1968.

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